Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Player Profile: Henry

"Hammering Hank" is what Rich calls him as he knocks the ball out of the park each game day. Henry, who attends each and every game, is a first grader at Davis School in Bedford (where his classmates include girlfriends Lily and Abigail)! Our resident flirt, Henry spends his weekdays charming his teachers at school. When he's not in school or rounding the bases at MLM, he can often be found out on runs with Dad. In the last year, he's participated in two half marathons, several 5k's, and most recently the Boston Marathon. While Andy does the running, Henry clears the way with a a lot of cheerful "hello's," and a gentle "get out of the way" here or there. It should come as no surprise that Henry loves music, playing games and reading stories on the iPad.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Inaugural Miracle League Poker Run to Benefit MLM

The Inaugural Miracle League Poker Run is approaching. Join fellow bikers on May 19 to raise money, awareness, and appreciation for Miracle League of MA. The run begins at 11 AM, at the current site of MLM games, and will run through 5 PM, with a stop at the future home of Miracle League of Massachusetts. Other stops are TBD.

Who? Any and all riders. $20 per rider, $15 per passenger.

What? The Inaugural Miracle League Poker Run to benefit the kids of Miracle League.

Where? Begins at Blanchard Elementary School.

When? May 19. Registration is from 9-11, when participants are invited and encouraged to watch a Miracle League Game. The run wraps up around 5 PM.

Why? To benefit the amazing (and amazingly cute) children of Miracle League of MA. Help us build the field of our dreams! Check out more here.

To join the run, be sure to arrive between 9-11 at Blanchard Elementary school on May 19. Question? Contact Brian, the event organizer, at

To get involved with MLM, see our buddy forms or email us.

Thanks for being a part of our future!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Get To Know...Buddy Andrew

Andrew is in his final semester as an MBA candidate at UMass Boston. Despite having a hectic schedule, this full-time student manages to fit his favorite hobbies in. From sailing to skiing to fishing, he loves to relax and unwind in the outdoors. When the weekend hits, Andrew loves heading to Miracle League to meet his new buddy each week. when he's not playing catch with one of our wonderful players, he's engaging in one of his favorite hobbies: home-brewing (hence his favorite site listed below). He makes his own beer and has been doing so for just over a year now. Let's get to know buddy Andrew.