Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Player Profile: Matt T.

We know him as one-fourth of the power squad, the Fantastic Four, but our heavy-hitter, Matt T. has so much more to him. A junior at Acton-Boxborough, Matt is in the ODP Program. This 11th grader likes to spend his spare time playing Xbox 360. He loves Miracle League (the feeling is mutual) and he absolutely loves the military!

Let's get to know our super star Matt!

My favorite part of Miracle League is...seeing all of my friends!
My favorite baseball team is...the Red Sox!
My favorite player is...Ortiz.
When I'm not watching baseball, my favorite show is...the deadliest police pursuits in the World's Wildest Police Videos.
The best song I've heard is...Linkin Park's New Divide.
My drive to ML on Saturdays, with my mom!
I do Miracle League because...its fun!
My favorite website is...Facebook.
To relax I...listen to music.
My dream Florida.
Best advice I've ever heard...speed running!
The best movie ever is...Halo Legends, based on the video game.
If I could meet any three celebrities, I'd pick...Dale Jr. because he drives the Amp Energy Car, David Ortiz because he's a power-hitter like me, and Master Chief (if he was real) because he's a super soldier trying to save the Earth! 
We're starting to notice a trend: Matt loves his games, video and sports alike! You know what we'd be willing to bet?! That, just like at Miracle League, Matt is a champion at each and every one of those games!

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